Zinc 30mg


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Highly absorbable zinc for immune health support‡
Size: 60 Capsules - 2 Month Supply

• Supports immune system function‡
• Promotes reproductive health & normal fetal development‡
• Enhances digestion and metabolism of important vitamins, minerals, carbs & other essential nutrients‡

Zinc has many roles in the body, starting with its important role in our body’s defense system. It also plays a role in the absorption and actions of essential B vitamins. It also helps to form collagen and develop healthy tissue.‡

Zinc is an essential mineral. It plays an important role in over two dozen enzymes involved in digestion and metabolism. Zinc also supports the prostate, a healthy growing fetus, the storage of carbohydrates and tissue respiration.‡

Research has shown this combination may support antioxidant defense in addition to moderating the body’s “hunger hormone,” called ghrelin. What’s more, it shows support for healthy insulin function, glucose uptake and fatty acid utilization.‡