Wellness Transfer Factor


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Supports Immune System Response

Wellness Transfer Factor is a technologically advanced approach to immune system integrity. Wellness Transfer Factor is a low molecular weight fraction of bovine colostrum. Transfer factors are chemical messengers that enhance immune system response. This ability to respond can be transferred from one organism to another, and from one species to another.

Your body’s immune system needs to be in top shape to withstand all the foreign influences that pervade our environment. Now Source Naturals offers you a powerful weapon, developed through the use of breakthrough nutritional technology.

Source Naturals WELLNESS TRANSFER FACTOR features a highly purified constituent of cow’s colostrum—the first “mother’s milk.” The benefits of colostrum have been well-known for a long time. What makes WELLNESS TRANSFER FACTOR unique is the ability to identify and concentrate specific immune factors in colostrum, and to make these factors available for use by your body.