Vitamin D3 5000IU


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Support for bone, breast, prostate, cardiovascular, colon and immune health‡
Size: 60 Capsules - 2 Month Supply

• Supports healthy bone composition‡
• Promotes cellular support for breast and prostate tissue‡
• Supports colon health by promoting healthy cellular function‡
• Promotes cardiovascular and immune health‡

Vitamin D offers broad physiological support in the human body, including bone, heart, brain, cellular and immune health.‡

Vitamin D can be found in fortified foods and supplements. It plays an important role in supporting colon health, too, by promoting healthy cellular function. What’s more, Vitamin D helps with immune cell activation.‡

Research indicates that it promotes cellular health, including support for breast and prostate tissue, in part by helping to maintain healthy blood vessel function, support immune cell activity, and maintain healthy cell metabolism.‡