Umcka ColdCare Kids Syrup


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Soothing Syrup for Sick Days
Nothing is worse than when your little ones start to feel sick. Umcka ColdCare Kids Syrup is a homeopathic remedy clinically proven to shorten the duration and reduce the severity of cough, congestion, sore throat, and nasal and bronchial irritations. Umcka does more than just relieve your child’s symptoms — it actually speeds recovery time, so they’ll feel better, faster. Safe for ages 6+.

Traditional Roots
Umcka (Pelargonium sidoides) roots, a member of the geranium family, have long been used to relieve respiratory and digestive ailments. This special root grows for three years before being harvested at peak maturity. Three hundred species of the geranium plant exist in our harvest area, but only one meets our high standards for Umcka.

Speeds Recovery Time
Umcka ColdCare Kids Syrup helps little ones get back to themselves, faster.

Cold Relief for Kids
Helps reduce the severity of nasal and bronchial irritations, congestion, sore throat, and cough.

Clinically Proven Remedy
Made from a proprietary extract of Pelargonium sidoides root.