GDA (Glucose Disposal Agent)


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GDA (Glucose Disposal Agent)
100 Count
25mg Vanadyl Sulfate 


Top Benefits:
• Increase Insulin Sensitivity
• Assist with using Carbs for Energy
• Lower Blood Sugar
• Aids with Recovery Time

GDA is our supercharged Glucose Disposal Agent supplement. The main component of our GDA is Vanadyl Sulfate. Vanadyl Sulfate duplicates the anabolic functions of insulin by increasing your insulin sensitivity. Insulin is the transport agent for glucose, amino acids, and proteins into the muscles.

GDA aids this transport process, causing muscles to become fuller, resulting in an increased muscle pump during training.

note: It is suggested that you take GDA alongside a preworkout meal high in carbohydrates since the product will cause your blood sugar to drop.

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