Magnum Nutraceuticals

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  • ABSOLUTE ABSORPTION: We picked the most absorbable forms of each ingredient so more nutraceuticals can reach your muscles and joints. Get the relief, flexibility, and recovery that your body deserves.
  • ATHLETIC RECOVERY: Fixation was formulated for men and women who suffer from joint pain and muscle soreness. Add these natural pills to your muscle recovery supplements today!
  • MSM MOBILITY: Methyl sulfonyl methane, or MSM extract, removes metabolic waste from cells. Research has shown that it is highly effective in improving joint, muscle, and even skin flexibility.
  • CURCUMIN-RICH CAPSULES: Our capsules utilize CurcuWin, a proprietary form of the antioxidant that is more water soluble and bio available than other forms of curcumin — you deserve the best!
  • NATURAL NUTRITION SUPPLEMENTS: Other active ingredients include boswellia extract, ginger root, and cissus quadrangularis extract. Our unique blend of nutraceuticals provides the relief you need.