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Fiber Cleanse Enhanced with PreforPro®
Fiber + Probiotics Powder
30 Servings (12.7oz)

• Tropical Punch
• Pineapple Mango

Top Benefits:
• Reduces Gut Inflammation
• Maintains Bowel Health
• Supports Healthy Gut Bacteria

A healthy gut is fundamental to body detoxification, weight loss, and improved overall health with a balanced approach. By combining psyllium husk with advanced prebiotic strains found in PreforPro®, Fiber Cleanse can you help you achieve this balance with ease. Even better, you can drink it by itself, add to any shake recipe, or even add to your favorite foods. It’s just that simple because we like to Keep it Simple just like you. 

What is PreforPro®?
PreforPro® is a next-generation prebiotic that supports the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut utilizing phage technology.
But how exactly does PreforPro work?
Learn more below.

  PreforPro® is a registered trademark of Deerland Enzymes, Inc.

Suggested Use

Mix 1 scoop in 8oz of water 1-2 times daily. 

Choking Hazard: Use at least 8oz of water. Mix well. Not doing so may result in a choking hazard. Do not take if you have difficulty swallowing.

Allergy Alert: This product may cause allergic reactions in people sensitive to inhaled or ingested psyllium.

New Users: Start with one serving per day; gradually increase to desired daily intake. You may experience changes in bowel habits / minor bloating, as your body adjusts to increased fiber intake.

DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT, NURSING OR UNDER THE AGE OF 18. Do not exceed recommended serving. Use only as directed. Consult with a health care practitioner before taking this or any dietary supplement, especially if you have or suspect you may have a medical condition, or are taking ANY medications, over the counter products, or other dietary supplements. Laxatives, including bulk fibers, may effect how well other medications work. If you are taking any prescription or over the counter medication take this product at least 2 hours before or 2 hours after taking any other medication. As your body adjusts to increased fiber intake, you may experience a change in bowel habits or minor bloating. Immediately discontinue use and call your health care provider if you experience any adverse reaction.