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  • AROMATASE INHIBITOR: With the clinical doses of acacetin present in these supplements, your body can drastically decrease the presence of aromatase enzymes in your body. This, in turn, should decrease estrogen production to promote higher energy levels and lean muscle for men and women alike.
  • REDUCE MUSCLE LOSS & FATIGUE: When your body is producing too much estrogen, muscle loss and fatigue are the results. Taking supplements with bodybuilding ingredients, such as Brassaiopsis glomerulata, can help increase the number of aromatase inhibitors in your system and increase your strength and stamina.
  • NATURALLY INCREASE LIBIDO: Contrary to popular belief, estrogen does not improve or heighten intimate desire in women. In fact, these anti-estrogen pills use ingredients like pygeum to block cortisol and aromatase to prevent testosterone from being converted into estrogen to enhance male and female libido, improve sexual health and performance, and aid in water weight and fat loss.
  • BALANCE HORMONES NATURALLY: Many diets and dietary supplements are ineffective for women because they do not get to the common root of the weight loss resistance: hormonal imbalance. This supplement naturally helps overcome estrogen dominance and utilizes ingredients from nature, such as stinging nettle leaf and hesperidin, to do so.
  • PHARMACEUTICAL-GRADE INGREDIENTS: We conduct extensive research on all our ingredients in order to yield the most effective products for your use. E-Brake is packed full of potent pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, such as vitamin D3, piperine extract, and more ingredients that act as passionate and workout performance boosters to help you exercise like a pro and feel your best.