Advanced Olive Leaf Vascular Support


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Advanced Olive Leaf Vascular Support delivers two bioactive compounds to support cardiovascular health. An olive oil compound called oleuropein helps maintain already-healthy blood pressure, while an antioxidant-rich extract of celery seeds encourages the healthy inflammatory response that supports circulatory health.

Both celery and olive extracts support vascular health, but do so in different ways.

Advanced Olive Leaf Vascular Support Benefits

  • Supports optimal cardiovascular health with standardized, clinically-studied extracts
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure already within the normal range
  • Helps inhibit inflammation to support vascular system health

The olive tree (Olea europaea) produces a compound called oleuropein in both its fruit and its leaves. Oleuropein has a multitude of health benefits, and is also the reason for the distinctive tangy, pungent, almost bitter flavor found in high-quality extra virgin olive oils. Now, special processing techniques allow us to extract a stable, standardized form of oleuropein.