Adrenal Support Formula


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Top Benefits:
• Reduce fatigue
• Reduce Cortisol Levels
• Decrease Stress Levels
• Improve Brain Function
• Improve Mood
• Immune System Support 

Who may benefit from taking Adrenal Support Formula?
• Those who have a high stress job
• Those who get minimal sleep, causing stress on the body
• Those who consume high levels of caffeine
• Those who are concerned they may have Adrenal Fatigue
• Those who have anxiety due to stress

Adrenal Support Formula is a comprehensive blend of Vitamins and Adaptogens that aid Adrenal function, balance cortisol levels and reduce the negative side effects of stress and anxiety. When your body is put under constant stress your adrenal glands product high amounts of Cortisol.
Cortisol, along with other hormones, is responsible for the body’s “fight or flight” response. Being in a prolonged “fight or flight” state is extremely taxing on the body and can result in what is known as Adrenal Fatigue. Adreanal Fatigue will cause your body to feel like it is constantly trying to recover, which may result in symptoms such as brain fog, tiredness, fatigue, poor mood, feelings of depression, decreased immune system and more.

Adrenal Support Formula contains the following adaptogens:

• Rhodiola rosea
• Ashawagandha Root
• Schizandra Berry
• Eleutherococcus senticosus
• Stinging Nettle leaf

Adrenal Support Formula was created to aid your body in rejuvenating your Adrenal glands and keeping them in optimum form.