Boosting Your Child's Immunity for a Successful School Year!

Boosting Your Child's Immunity for a Successful School Year!

Chanai CSep 20, '23

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Boosting Your Child's Immunity for a Successful School Year!

As the leaves start to change and the school buses roll in, it's that time of year again: back to school season! With it comes the excitement of new teachers, and friends, but also the not-so-welcome flu season. Kids, in their natural curiosity and proximity to one another, can be magnets for germs. That's why building a strong immune system is crucial for a successful school year. At Arrive Nutrition, we've got the tools to help you and your little ones feeling their best.

Why is Immunity Important for Back to School?
Kids love to explore, share, and interact with the world around them. While these qualities are essential for growth and learning, they also expose them to a host of germs and viruses. Their developing immune systems are working hard to learn how to fend off these intruders. This is where a little extra support can go a long way.

Arrive Nutrition Elderberry

Elderberry: This tiny but potent berry is a true champion when it comes to immunity. It's packed with antioxidants and vitamins that support your child's body in warding off infections. Elderberry syrup or gummies are convenient and tasty ways to include this immune booster into their routine.

Probiotics: A healthy gut is closely linked to a strong immune system. Probiotics introduce friendly bacteria into the gut, promoting better digestion and overall immune function. 

Vitamins & Minerals: Essential vitamins like vitamin C, D, and zinc play critical roles in immune function. Ensuring your child gets the right balance of these nutrients is key to keeping their immune system in top shape. Arrive Nutrition offers a range of kid-friendly vitamin and mineral products!

How to Strengthen Your Child's Immune System

  1. Balanced Diet: Encourage your child to eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. These foods provide the nutrients needed for a strong immune system.
  2. Hand Hygiene: Teach your child the importance of regular handwashing, especially before meals and after using the restroom. Good hand hygiene is a simple yet effective way to prevent the spread of germs.
  3. Adequate Sleep: Ensure your child gets enough sleep to allow their body to rest and recharge. A well-rested body is better equipped to fight off infections.
  4. Regular Exercise: Physical activity not only keeps kids fit but also supports a healthy immune system. Encourage outdoor play and regular exercise.
  5. Supplements: As an extra layer of protection, consider incorporating immune-boosting supplements like elderberry, probiotics, and vitamins & minerals from into their daily routine.

Arrive Nutrition Back to School Vitamins

Back to school season is an exciting time, and with a little preparation, you can help your child navigate it with a strong and resilient immune system. At Arrive Nutrition, we understand the importance of building immunity, especially during flu season. Our range of elderberry, probiotics, and vitamin & mineral products are designed to make this journey easier and more enjoyable for your kids. With a combination of a balanced diet, healthy habits, and immune-boosting products, you can give your child the best chance for a flu-proof school year. 

Here's to a healthy and happy academic journey!



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